We are creating community centers for inclusive education and development

Our organization is an implementing partner of the Italian AVSI foundation in the project to create public centers for inclusive education and development of children. As part of the project, we will create 3 centers within the year in Kharkiv (Bliznyuki village), Zaporizhia (Zaporizhia city), and Donetsk (Dobropillia) regions.


The centers will provide humanitarian assistance to war victims in the fields of education, general protection and child protection in order to restore the educational process of schoolchildren in the specified regions. Children will receive free opportunities to catch up or accelerate their studies. At the same time, the center's specialists will be able to help children cope with injuries, stress and emotional instability.

In addition to educational activities, various entertainment, creative and therapeutic activities will also be held for children. The center's specialists will also work with children up to 3 years old, for whom development classes will be arranged.

Free assistance will be provided to children and their parents, people with disabilities and all residents who need psychological support or social protection services. That is, the activity of the centers will be aimed at meeting various psychosocial needs in the community. Specialists of centers and mobile groups will comprehensively cooperate with community leaders, teachers, parents, guardians, and provide individual protection to vulnerable persons.

It is important to us to help ensure that everyone has free access to opportunities for development, education and psychological support. Therefore, a mobile group will work at the center, which will go to remote settlements to provide psychosocial and educational support.

We believe that these activities will help not only to provide access to quality education and protection services, but also to address the more hidden needs of families through a presence on the ground.